Phottix Atlas becomes Interfit Titan Pro

Interfit Photographic have announced a number of Strobies speedlight accessories, some fluorescent light banks and their own brand of the Phottix Atlas PocketWizard-compatible radio trigger.

Interfit Titan Pro

Interfit Titan Pro

British company Interfit are selling a range of new lighting products this year, including additions to their Strobies range, some fluorescent lights and their own brand of the Phottix Atlas. Originally unveiled at Photokina in September, some products have already been released and some are available for pre-order in early 2011.

Speedlight accessories

  • New Strobies accessories:
    • Twin flash bracket
    • Triple flash bracket
  • Strobies XL - speedlight accessories based around a wafer-type mount:
    • XL bracket – standard bracket for speedlights
    • XL2 bracket – similar to XL, but mounts speedlight horizontally
    • Beauty dish (STR146)
    • 60cm * 60cm softbox with XL bracket
    • 40cm * 40cm softbox with XL2 bracket
  • Portabox – miniature softboxes attaching directly to speedlight heads

Continuous lighting

Titan Pro

Essentially the same as the Phottix Atlas, the Interfit Titan Pro is 433MHz (CE) with a 344MHz (FCC) version “to follow in 2011”. They are compatible with PocketWizards and Sekonic RT-32 modules. There is also an Titan Pro Stand Jacket, a caddy similar to the Phottix Ace.

In the UK, the Titan Pro has a RRP of Ă‚ÂŁ89.99 per unit and is available to pre-order at Warehouse Express and other retailers. In the USA, the Titan Pro has a pre-order price of $82.50 at B&H with the note “approx. arrival January”.

David Selby
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