Phottix Strato TTL flash trigger to be released this month

Phottix has announced the release date of their latest flash trigger, the Strato TTL.

Phottix Strato TTL for Canon

Phottix has announced the release date of their latest flash trigger, the Strato TTL. It is a 2.4GHz, 4-channel radio with basic TTL functions. The product, originally intended to be released by December 2012, was pushed back by undisclosed delays. It will ship this month.

The Strato TTL is a cheaper, less powerful alternative to the company’s flagship Odin TTL Flash Trigger. While still supporting wireless E-TTL, high-speed sync (HSS) and flash exposure compensation (FEC), the Strato is not able to adjust manual power levels, zoom or ratios of a remote flash. The remote control capabilities are even further limited when using the Mitros+ flashgun, which can only be manually triggered — not adjusted — over the air by this new device. The Strato TTL is not compatible with Phottix’s Odin or Ares radios.

Phottix Strato TTL for Canon

“The Phottix Strato TTL Flash Trigger is an easy-to-use triggering system for using flashes off-camera in TTL mode,” said the manufacturer. “The system is ideal for new photographers just starting to experiment with off-camera-flash. Flash power settings, manual mode and metering are less of a concern as built-in TTL metering takes the guess work out of finding the correct exposure.”

“For advanced photographers, using the Strato TTL is perfect for capturing fast moving events and quickly changing scenes,” the company added.

If not using shoe-mount flashes, the trigger can connect to studio lights or work as a camera shutter release. There is also a 5V power input for battery-free operation when working in the studio for extended periods. But if you are running on AAs, an on-screen indicator will alert you to how much juice they have left. Firmware can be updated via micro-USB port.

Manufacturer specifications

  • TTL flash trigger with EV adjustments
  • (± 3 stops in 1/3 stops)
  • Backlit LCD and Quick-Change buttons to adjust EV
  • level, mode, and channel
  • High Speed Sync mode – 1/8000
  • Second Curtain Sync mode
  • Wired and wireless shutter release functions
  • 4 channels
  • 100 meter range
  • USB upgradable
  • Compatible with other Phottix flash triggers

Phottix Strato TTL for Canon

Currently only for Canon, the Phottix Strato TTL will be available for sale from the online Phottix Store and local resellers from mid-October. Nikon and Sony-fit models will follow later (but no dates yet). The Phottix Odin currently retails for $329.99 (Ă‚ÂŁ269) a set.

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