Phottix introduces updated Varos Pro umbrella holders

Phottix's latest patent-packed Varos Pro umbrella holders are "300% stronger" and at home in the studio or on location.

Phottix Varos Pro Small

Phottix has introduced an updated range of umbrella holders. The new Varos Pro series comes in BG (Large), Medium and Small variants, designed for both location and studio use.

All three include a removable metal hotshoe, a spring-loaded locking button for extra security on a light stand, a carabiner and hole — useful for hanging battery packs, counterweights and radio triggers — and a teardrop-shaped umbrella hole that admits shafts from 7–10mm in diameter.

The Varos Pro umbrella holders are manufactured from aluminium, claimed to be “300% stronger” than previous versions. BG, Medium and Small brackets have weighted load capacities of 30kg, 28kg and 25kg, respectively. They can be mounted on light stands, studio clamps or tripods, using the included threaded inserts.

Phottix Varos Pro BG
Varos Pro BG

Phottix, not a stranger to being the wrong side of a patent dispute in the past, has patented the umbrella clamp, stand locking mechanism and tilting mechanism.

Phottix Varos Pro Medium
Varos Pro Medium
Phottix Varos Pro Small
Varos Pro Small

All three products in the Phottix Varos Pro series are priced the same: available now for £25 including VAT from Phottix Platinum Dealers. For more information visit the manufacturer’s product page or contact distributor Mac Group EU. In the US, the Varos Pro series are priced $21.95, $24.95 and $29.95, from smallest to largest, at B&H Photo.

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