Pixel King Pro for Nikon coming “in mid-August”

Pixel has announced that its latest TTL flash trigger, currently released for Canon, has a Nikon-fit version on the way.

Pixel King Pro for Nikon

Pixel Enterprise of Hong Kong has announced that its latest wireless TTL flash trigger, currently released for Canon, has a Nikon-fit version on the way. The new Pixel King Pro adds to the capabilities of the existing King-series triggers by adding a transceiver unit with its own LCD control panel, allowing the photographer to adjust groups of flashes without using a master flash unit or having to rely on DSLR camera menus.

The company posted the following statement on their web site:

“With the release of the 3rd Generation Wireless TTL Flash Trigger King PRO Canon Version, the market response of this product is good and hence the sales have risen rapidly. Meantime, this has attracted the attention of many Nikon users. They have been in consultation with the release date of King PRO Nikon version. Pixel then accelerates the pace of research and development to meet customer needs. King PRO Nikon version is expected to release in mid-August.”

Pixel King Pro for Nikon

The release of the King Pro for Nikon — which will be backwards-compatible with older units — should be a boon for Pixel, whose i-TTL King-series triggers are currently one step behind the cheaper Yongnuo YN-622N. The Yongnuo system provides the ability to adjust power levels from the on-camera transmitter, without an LCD, using sequences of buttons and LED indicators. The King Pro’s dedicated display should allow Pixel to leapfrog Yongnuo and end up with a slicker, easier-to-use system overall.

Pixel King X for Nikon

The King Pro for Canon is already on sale, priced US$150 for a kit and $80 per extra King X receiver. Note that you can also use the system with 2nd generation King receivers, which are more widely available, though not much cheaper than the King X. Check the manufacturer’s own eBay store for official listings.

We have a sample Canon set in for testing and will be publishing that review soon. Stay tuned. For more information, visit the Pixel Enterprise web site.

David Selby
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