Pixel Mago flashgun beta reviews round-up

Beta testers have published their thoughts on the Mago flash from Pixel Enterprise.

Pixel Mago

Beta testers have published their thoughts on the Mago flash from Pixel Enterprise. The Pixel Mago is the company’s first flashgun and features full E-TTL capabilities as well as an LED video lamp. Listed below are a few reviews that our readers have shared with us. Pixel Mago 600

Kam Yau Photography

“Very satisfied with the build quality and TTL accuracy of Mago. But not sure which wireless trigger system will best fit the speedlite right now.” – Full review

The Flasher

“This flash effectively does everything the old 580EXII flash can do at a third of the price or less.” – Full review

Marco Specht

“…most features are very well implemented and perhaps 2-4 years ago this flash would have rocked the boat. I’m just not sure if its the best choice for everyone today.” – Full review

Trent Chau

“The Mago really was impressive and didn’t have any glaring shortcomings that prevented it from performing, and was consistently able to provide brilliant lighting. So why wouldn’t I buy it? Simply put….battery technology…” – Full review

Erol Avanoglu

“When Pixel first announced they will produce a new TTL and HSS supporting flash I did not expect it would be such a big success.” – Full review

Pierre Wachholder

“The Mago is a very solid offering on the market, and… I expect the price/quality ratio to be of high value for customers looking for a full featured speedlight, with a unique modeling light offering.” – Full review (PDF)

Remy Musser

“Would I integrate the Pixel Mago 600 into my current system? No, the lack of compatibility with the Phottix Odin and the not standard external battery port and for me is a deal breaker.” – Full review

Kristjan Järv

“Pixel has done a great job on their first speedlite. There aren’t any issues with it, just some minor things that, most likely, could be fixed with a future firmware update.” – Full review

Bobby Wechsler

“…this is a refined product that surprised me in every way, and Pixel seems to be very responsive to support inquiries. The King triggers have built the company a good reputation and I am confident the Mago will mature into a very solid product.” – Full review

Our own review is coming soon. (Blame FedEx!)

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