What’s the difference? Pixel Mago vs. X-650 vs. X-650C

Pixel Enterprise has provided guidelines on the differences between the new Pixel Mago, X-650, X-650C and X-600 flashguns.

Pixel Mago

Following some confusion amongst customers, Pixel Enterprise Ltd has provided guidelines on what the differences are between the new Pixel Mago, Pixel X-650, Pixel X-650C and Pixel X-600 flashguns.

It turns out that the Mago and X-6XX-series are not quite the same thing, though most people won’t have to choose between them either. The numbered models are made specifically for the domestic Chinese market while the “Mago” is for everybody else.

According to the manufacturer, warranty support only applies to international customers, so Chinese customers will have to take up any technical issues with their respective retailer. Apparently the specifications and form factor of the Mago are the same as that of the X-650C, but the Mago uses “better” components and materials.

Model no.HSSFirmware updatesMarketWarranty/after-sales service
X-650NoNoChina onlyNo
X-650CYesYesChina onlyNo
MagoYesComing laterWorldwide, excluding ChinaYes

Pixel’s Gloria Cheung explained that in the case of the X-600: “This is the initial model number when we developed and announced to the public. However, when we officially released to the market, we changed it to X-650. So, there is no more X-600.”

Pixel Mago

For Chinese customers, there is a firmware update already available for the Pixel X-650C here. This is not for the Mago — no new firmware for that model yet. For more information, please consult the Pixel Enterprise web site.

Our own review of the Pixel Mago is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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