Pixel releases adapters & flash triggers for Sony Multi-Interface shoe

Pixel now has flash triggers and hotshoe adapters designed for the Sony Multi Interface Shoe.

Pixel Pawn TF-365 for Sony

Pixel Enterprise, the Chinese photography accessory manufacturer, has announced new products for Sony users. The Pawn TF365 is a wireless trigger designed to work with cameras and flashes that use Sony’s proprietary Multi-Interface (MI) shoe. Though the new MI shoe looks more like an Iso hotshoe than the previous Auto-Lock Accessory or “iISO” shoe, many photographers have found it doesn’t play nicely with manual flashes and triggers.

Pixel Pawn TF-365 for Sony

The Pawn TF-36X-series is Pixel’s basic, all-round 2.4GHz remote, which can be used as either a flash trigger or a wireless shutter release. Unlike the Pixel Soldier (TF-37X), it does not support wireless flash grouping, so there is no quick way to choose different combination of flashes to fire — it will trigger everything that is switched on and on the same channel. As well as the new Pawn TF-365, there is a Pawn TF-363 for the older iISO shoe. Different versions of Pixel Pawn should be compatible with each other, but check with the manufacturer.

Pixel Pawn TF-365 for Sony

Pawn triggers work over ranges up to 80 metres and support manual triggering. There is no TTL or high-speed synchronisation. As a shutter release, the trigger supports continuous shooting and bulb mode. The receiver runs on two AAA batteries and the transmitter on a single CR2032 watch battery. They are already listed on eBay for $35 per transmitter-receiver kit.

If you want TTL, then the Pixel King Pro for Sony is now produced with a Multi Interface shoe. That trigger is available on eBay for about $85 per transceiver.

Pixel Pawn TF-365 for Sony

As well as the new trigger, Pixel has announced the TF-336, a hotshoe adapter that converts the older Sony AAS/iISO shoe into the newer MI shoe. It also provides a Prontor–Compur sync jack for basic flash triggering. It is listed for about $15 on eBay.

Pixel TF-336 hotshoe adapter for Sony

For more information, visit the Pixel Enterprise web site.

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