Pixel Rook flash trigger to offer TTL pass-through

Pixel Enterprise have announced the Pixel Rook, a compact flash trigger with Wireless Flash Grouping and TTL pass-through, to be released in May this year.

Pixel Rook for Nikon

Pixel Rook for Nikon

Pixel Enterprise have announced a new wireless flash trigger. The Pixel Rook is effectively a cross between their Pixel Soldier and the Phottix Strato, or a smaller version of the Pixel Bishop (F-510), suggesting the company aims to provide a direct rival to the Phottix Strato. It offers TTL pass-through on the transmitter and Wireless Flash Grouping.


  • FSK 2.4GHz signal
  • TTL pass-through hotshoe on the transmitter
  • AAA batteries
  • 4 channels
  • Wireless Flash Grouping: 3 groups with 7 combinations (A, B, C, AB, AC, BC, ABC)
  • Claimed range of up to 200 metres
  • 3.5mm sync sockets
  • Sync speeds up to 1/250 sec
  • Support for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic
  • Metal hotshoe foot

For more technical information, please visit the product pages for the Pixel Rook for Canon and Pixel Rook for Nikon.

Where to buy

The Pixel Rook is expected be available at a price “lower than the Pixel Bishop” (<$120) from mid-May this year. It will be on sale at the official Pixel eBay store and worldwide Pixel distributors.

David Selby
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