Pixel releases $88 E-TTL flashgun with modelling lamp

A new flashgun has been launched for photographers seeking automatic lighting on a budget.

Pixel Mago

A new flashgun has been launched for photographers seeking automatic lighting on a budget. The Pixel X-650 offers E-TTL metering, manual power control, an autofocus assist lamp and an electronic zoom head.

Where this unit differs from the countless other cheap flashes on the market already is in its front-facing LED modelling light. This lamp, which also has removable plastic filters for colour correction, can be used as a makeshift video light or help you compose and focus your shot in dark studio environments.

Pixel Mago 600

The Pixel X-650, priced $88 on eBay, also supports external battery packs and sync cords by way of a series of ports on the side. For now there is only a Canon E-TTL version, but you have the expected range of manual control down to 1/128 of full power, plus a bonus stroboscopic function. There is no optical slave or advanced wireless tech, though.

Pixel Mago 600

This is not the same flash as the “Mago” X-600, which will include high-speed sync (HSS) functionality in the same form factor and is still in development. For more information, visit the manufacturer’s product page.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • Florian GERARD

    comparing to yougnuo 565EX ??? what’s the best ? i have canon eos 7D. thanks

    • Andy Luu

      I had use both 565EX (extensively) before I got my hands on one of this speedlite, so far, I have been pleased with it. 565EX has only a 270 degree turning head, while this X-650 has a full 360-degree head that I had been waiting from YongNuo to put on the 565EX (but they still did not). Except it has no external triggering ability, except hooking it up with a trigger, I don’t see why I would move back to the 565EX.

  • Erol Avanoglu

    I contacted Pixel, they told me that this flash is only available in China. They are still developing X-600 flash wwhşch will have HSS and TTL function.

    • Andy Luu

      I bought this one from ebay the day this post was posted by lightingrumors. I got my unit mailed to Los Angeles in about a week. X-650 has TTL function for Canon (I own a canon version, can’t comment on nikon version)

  • Joe

    Does not have a 1/8″ plug for tripping via cord, nor optical slave. Useless without those. Cool flash though.

  • Class A

    How can they call it “modeling light” when it comes from a different location than the main flash and its beam does not change with the zoom setting?

    I doubt the additional constant light would make a usable video light, but would be happy to be proven wrong.

    P.S.: Looks exactly like the “Mago X-600”. Is it just a different firmware?

  • Andy Luu

    Finally the comment system works here…

    I got my hands on one of this a week after this announcement was posted.
    Being a hardcore fan to Yongnuo for the past couple of years, I was quite pleased with its YN565ex, I trusted it in all of my wedding, concert, events, and even some on location shoots. It was quite coincident that I broke my 565ex the day before this article was posted, so I guess it was a good time for me to try a new thing. I wanted a speedlite to have a LED function that Sony brought to the market last year from a third party like Yongnuo. But well…. here it is, the x-650.

    let me make the post short, Pros and Cons:

    – 360-degree swivel head (vs the 270-degree from YN565ex)
    – higher GN than the Yongnuo 565ex
    – big and nice LCD
    – weather sealing lock!!!
    – LED light for video / limited usage of flash in some situations
    – better infrared / red focusing light pattern (than the yongnuo 565ex)

    – plastic seem a bit lower grade than the Yongnuo 565ex, but I can’t call it “cheap plastic”
    – pilot button does not seem very responsive on my unit
    – recycle speed is slower than the original Canon 600RT
    – no optical trigger
    – when the LED light is ON, flash cannot be fired.

    I will still go with the Pixel X-650 than the Yongnuo 565EX (until I hit some bricks with it)

  • Florian GERARD

    ok i got 2 flashes, the first one died 5 days later….;-))) and the second one is working but well the TTL is working when plugged in the EOS7D but not working with my YOUGNUO YN622 !!!! ETTL or MANUAL are blocked. I can switch the flash in TTL or M or Multi from the canon flash menu but then the flash cannot receive any + or – setting for expo. And worth for Manual mode it does not received the selected power….any one tried it ?