PocketWizard face Tuff competition: new TTL triggers

Hähnel, a company based in the Republic of Ireland, have unveiled the Tuff: a simple and durable wireless flash trigger for Canon and Nikon TTL.

Hahnel Tuff TTL

Hähnel, a company based in the Republic of Ireland, have unveiled two new wireless flash triggers, the Tuff TTL and the Viper.

The Tuff TTL is like a ‘wireless TTL cord’, similar in some ways to the Pixel King. The Viper (discussed in a separate article) has many more advanced features and more closely resembles the Phottix Odin or PocketWizards.

Named for its durable design, the Tuff housing is made from “special material” and there is a removable rubber cover to protect the transmitter and receiver from impact damage. It isn’t waterproof, though.

Hahnel Tuff TTL transmitter on a camera

Hahnel Tuff TTL receiver with a speedlight

The universal 2.4GHz signal means you can take it everywhere, with operating ranges of up to 200 metres claimed. Rather than a physical channel switch, it uses something called “Digital Channel Matching” which pairs the units while supposedly avoiding interference.

Hahnel Tuff TTL transmitter

The transmitter has a metal hotshoe foot and a range of nifty controls. As well as the obvious on/off switch, you also have the ability to switch Second Curtain Sync and High Speed Sync on or off with just a couple of clicks. There’s also a test button.

Both the Tuff transmitter and receiver run on AA batteries or from the Mini-USB port. There aren’t any manual sync sockets. You can also update the firmware through the Mini-USB port, which is important as you need a specific version if you use a Canon EOS 60D camera.

Hahnel Tuff TTL receiver

According to Hähnel, the Tuff will provide “full TTL with most TTL flash guns”. A list of compatible cameras is on their web site. Initially only on sale for Canon E-TTL, a spokesman stated the Tuff TTL for Nikon i-TTL “will be available in the next month or so”.

Hahnel Tuff TTL packaged set

Where to buy

The Hähnel Tuff TTL has been released and is packaged as kits (containing one transmitter and receiver) for under £90 in the United Kingdom. Individual receivers will be on sale shortly for “approximately £59.99”. Stockists include Amazon, Warehouse Express and Clifton Cameras.

NB: Previous reports said the Tuff transmitter could only work with one receiver at a time but now they can work with an unlimited number.

More information, including instruction manuals and brochures, is available on the company web site.


Now, if you want radio control of speedlights in TTL mode, the following competing solutions are all available to buy now:

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