PocketWizard now sells direct via USA online store

Trigger maker PocketWizard has an opened an online store for direct sales to customers in the United States.

PocketWizard Shop

PocketWizard, the American radio trigger maker, has an opened an online store for direct sales to customers in the United States.

The company is offering the US-frequency versions of the PocketWizard PlusX, Plus III, FlexTT5 and MiniTT1 and various sync cable accessories. For the moment the manufacturer is avoiding undercutting its distributors by adding a slight mark-up to each product: for example, the PlusX radio is $103 at the shop but $99 from Adorama.

PocketWizard Shop

The decision to start domestic direct sales also follows last year’s move to bring international sales and marketing in-house. In other countries however you will still have to buy through your regional distributor.

For more information, visit shop.pocketwizard.com.

David Selby
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