Polaroid introduces BrightSaber, a ‘travel-sized light wand’

Polaroid has announced a new LED lighting wand, the BrightSaber, designed for both location and studio use.

Polaroid BrightSaber travel

Polaroid has announced a new LED lighting wand, the BrightSaber. The long, flat light contains 98 daylight-balanced LEDs and has a maximum output of 1,500 lumens. Included slide-in filters allow for colour correction and creative effects.

Polaroid BrightSaber travel

The Polaroid BrightSaber is a new model, whilst the BrightSaber Pro, an Ice Light clone, was introduced earlier this year. The Pro version is bigger, brighter and tube-shaped, contrasting with the flatter design of the Travel edition.

Polaroid BrightSaber with handle removed

According to the manufacturer, the portability of the BrightSaber, along with option to hand-hold it or mount it on a tripod, make it well-suited to “capture the perfect shot on-the-go or in the studio”. It measures 16.4 × 5.4 × 2.1 inches (42 × 14 × 5 cm) and weighs one pound (0.45 kg).

The BrightSaber has ten power settings and comes with four colour filters. The handle detaches for storage and transport. It takes two lithium ion batteries, equivalent to the Sony NP-F550 camcorder battery.

Polaroid BrightSaber with orange filter

The Polaroid BrightSaber costs $69.99, available now from Amazon.

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