Polaroid flexible LED lighting panel announced

Polaroid's $125 LED panel can be moulded into any shape for creative lighting effects, and includes built-in wireless control.

Polaroid Flexible LED Panel

Polaroid has announced a flexible LED lighting panel, described as “a must-have accessory for any photographer or videographer”. It is a daylight-balanced 12″×12″ (30cm×30cm) LED panel that can be moulded into different shapes.

According to the manufacturer, the 256-diode panel puts out 4500 lumens of “flicker-free” light with a colour rendering index (CRI) over 90. It draws 48 watts via a mains adapter.

“Anyone from professional photographers to casual enthusiasts can use the simple wireless remote control to quickly dim the daylight balanced light source, making it perfect as a main light or as a versatile fill light in larger set-ups,” said Polaroid in a press release.

Use the panel bare, or attach a white fabric diffusion panel for a more even light distribution. What’s more, you can fit a rigid frame around the border, which lets you attach a hand grip or mount the panel to a light stand like a more conventional LED lamp.

Polaroid Flexible LED Panel

Polaroid Flexible LED Panel

There is no need to adjust the brightness from the panel itself, as a 2.4 GHz radio remote is included.

The Polaroid flexible LED panel is available now for $124.99 on Amazon.

David Selby
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