Priolite MB500 Lithium Battery Flash: an update

You might have noticed the emerging company Priolite at Photokina. Where are they now, and where can you buy their equipment?

Priolite CEO Joachim Renschke with the new Priolite MB500
Priolite CEO Joachim Renschke with the new Priolite MB500
Priolite's Joachim Renschke with the MB500

Remember the Priolite MB500 shown at Photokina 2010? This German-made 500J monolight features a built-in Lithium battery with an advanced remote control system and caused a real stir. If you’re tired of reading through technical data, here are some hands-on reviews:

Since the trade show, the company has been extending tendrils across Germany and Europe, and now you can buy Priolites and Priolite accessories in several countries.

A few distributors we’ve noticed:

The recommended retail price for a single MB500 is €760 plus VAT. The AC-powered M500 is €680 plus VAT.

Asked about the future, the company stated, “We plan to have US distributors in April 2011.”

David Selby
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