Profoto A1 officially announced

Profoto has unveiled its A1 speedlight, billed as the "world's smallest studio flash".

Profoto A1

Swedish lighting manufacturer Profoto has officially unveiled their first shoe-mount flash, the Profoto A1.

The announcement was beset by leaks but their new product, billed as the “world’s smallest studio flash”, has been revealed at a press event in Stockholm.

Compatible with Profoto’s 2.4 GHz AirTTL system, the Profoto A1 is rated 76Ws, with a round flash head and an LED modelling lamp. It accepts special magnetic accessories and can be mounted on or off camera.

Profoto A1

Profoto A1

There are two separate versions, for Canon (TTL-C) and for Nikon (TTL-N), with different hotshoes for the respective TTL protocols. The built-in wireless transmitter-receiver works at ranges up to 300 metres, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The recycle time is 1.2 seconds at full power, and output is adjustable over 9 stops or in TTL auto mode.

Photographers will undoubtedly be keen to compare this flash — which, with its articulated head more resembles a speedlight than a bare-bulb studio flash — with other hybrid offerings such as the Godox Witstro series.

Earlier leaks suggested the lithium-ion battery is non-removable, but this turns out not to be the case. Extra batteries are available separately for $99. Other accessories include gel kits and a bounce card.

US retail pricing for the Profoto A1 TTL-C and TTL-N is set at $995. There are no versions for other camera brands yet, but you can use the A1 off-camera with any brand of Profoto Air Remote TTL, including Olympus and Fujifilm. Pre-order now at B&H Photo.

For more information, visit the Profoto web site.

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