Canon 1D X users, the Profoto B1 will now TTL with your camera (update: not!)

Profoto has released an Air Remote TTL-C firmware update for the B1, but there's still no date for HSS or i-TTL support.

Profoto Air Remote TTL-C

Following a quick teaser before the weekend, Profoto has released new firmware for the B1 AirTTL flash system. The update, which is installed on the Air Remote TTL-C transmitter, enables support for TTL metering with the Canon EOS-1D X.

Update: Or that was the plan, anyway. But it turns out that Profoto didn’t iron out all the bugs and it doesn’t work on the 1D X after all. Back to the drawing board! The update is no longer available.

Profoto Air Remote TTL-C

Looking for high-speed sync or Nikon support? Profoto says: “As promised, both the HSS upgrade and the Air Remote TTL-N will be released in 2014. Stay tuned for more info on that.”

Visit the Profoto blog for more information.

David Selby
Based in Paris, France, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a quantitative analyst.