Profoto announce updated B1X studio flash with TTL

The Profoto B1X is a TTL studio flash with a longer-lasting battery, brighter modelling lamp and improved HSS control.

Profoto B1X

Swedish lighting manufacturer Profoto has announced a new TTL monolight, the Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL.

The Profoto B1X is an update to the Profoto B1, the company’s first flash to offer TTL and high-speed sync (HSS). The B1X adds a more powerful LED modelling lamp, a longer-lasting battery and wider HSS power range.

The new modelling lamp is 24W, up from 20W and claims equivalent output and colour to a 130W halogen bulb. The B1X’s ‘Mark II’ battery is no heavier than the old version but is specified to last for 325 full-power flashes or 120 minutes of running the modelling lamp–increased from 220 flashes and 90 minutes. And the new battery is compatible with the old head. In high-speed sync mode, you can select any output level over a 9-stop range, the same as when HSS is disabled.

Otherwise, the Profoto B1X retains the OCF accessory mount, built-in 2.4GHz radio capabilities (up to 300m range) and self-contained, portable design. The head, including battery, weighs 3.0 kg. The flash itself is rated 500Ws.

Profoto B1X

Other TTL flashes from Profoto include the Profoto B2, which has a less powerful, pack-and-head design, and the Profoto D2, a mains-powered monolight.

To go with the OCF (‘Off-Camera Flash’) system, the company has also announced two new reflectors, the OCF Zoom Reflector (55–85° beam) and OCF Magnum Reflector (40–80° beam), offering ‘up to +1.8 f-stop’ output when compared with heads’ built-in reflectors.

The Profoto B1X is now available.

  • To-Go Kit with Profoto B1X head, battery charger and bag – $2095 – Adorama, B&H
  • Location Kit with two B1X heads, batteries, charger and backpack – $4148 – Adorama, B&H
  • Profoto Li-Ion Battery MKII – $295 – Adorama, B&H
  • Profoto OCF Zoom Reflector – $149 – Adorama, B&H
  • Profoto OCF Magnum Reflector – $199 – Adorama, B&H

Meanwhile, the old B1 kits are still in stock with up to $250 discount.

For more information, visit the Profoto web site.

David Selby
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