Profoto bring out shallow parabolic umbrella

Profoto have released a range of 65-inch shallow parabolic umbrellas with optional white diffusion panels. Price? US$300.

Profoto Umbrella XL Silver with white diffuser attached

Swedish studio lighting manufacturer Profoto have released a shallow parabolic modifier called the Umbrella XL.

Profoto Umbrella XL Silver

165 centimetres (65 inches) in diameter, the umbrella mounts like a conventional umbrella. It comes in silver, white reflective and white translucent versions. White front diffusers are also available, turning the Umbrella XL into a makeshift softbox.

Profoto Umbrella XL Silver with white diffuser attachedIn the USA, pricing for one umbrella is expected to be around US$300 – several times the cost of other brand versions. Do you think the Umbrella XL will be worth the premium? Let us know in the comments below.

David Selby
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