Profoto leaks clue on new product

Leaked: an unannounced, lens-sized Profoto product, possibly with wireless remote control.

Profoto Instagram leak

Returning readers might remember that Profoto have had some trouble in the past keeping their unreleased products under wraps. In our article last year, which unfortunately had to be taken down, we revealed the A1 several days before the actual announcement. This year Profoto is going to announce another product, and yet again, some information has already become public.

The following image was posted on Instagram (cropped in order to avoid revealing the name and causing potential issues), with the caption “Packing Light!”. It was only online for a couple of hours before it was taken down, possibly indicating that this information should not be public yet.

Although there is not much to see on the image itself, it does reveal a significant clue about what Profoto is planning next. Profoto’s new product is actually hidden in plain sight. From the image we can see that the bag contains two camera bodies, two lenses, a Manfrotto Nano-style light stand, a Profoto trigger and a lens sized item with a Profoto logo on it. This last item is very interesting because it does not resemble anything Profoto has currently in their line up. It looks like a self-contained unit with approximately the size of a 24-70 mm lens.

Profoto Instagram leak

For now we can just speculate what this new product could be. Due to the presence of the Air trigger it is likely that the Air trigger is used to control it, thus meaning that it would be a new strobe. Also, because of the timing there is a big chance that Profoto is planning to reveal it for the Photokina, which is at end of September. In the meantime we at LightingRumours will keep investing in order to find more information on the new product.

We would love to hear your ideas and comments on what Profoto is planning next. What do you think this new product will be?