Profoto releases six small, deep parabolic umbrellas

Profoto's new umbrellas come in a range of different styles, all with a parabolic shape for a more focussed, efficient light output.

Recently Profoto introduced six new small, deep parabolics to expand their line of umbrellas. The new additions are unique in such a way, as the name implies, because they are deep and parabolic-shaped. The advantage of this shape over the conventional umbrella shape is that it creates a more focused and directed light, improving the overall efficiency of the umbrella.


The six new umbrellas are called Profoto Umbrella Deep S and Profoto Umbrella Deep M, measuring in at 85 cm (33 inch) and 105 cm (41 inch) respectively. Both sizes come in three different varieties, white, silver and translucent. The deeper shape is achieved with a larger number of supporting rods: 16 to be exact. Optional diffusers are available for the silver and the white versions. An optional back panel is available for the translucent version.

For more information about the new and the previously released Profoto umbrellas, go to the manufacturer’s website. Prices start at $129 for the small translucent deep umbrella. All umbrellas are available now.