Profoto Split Cable lets AcuteB2 pack run two heads instead of one

The new Profoto Split Cable turns one AcuteB2 power socket into two, allowing the photographer to plug in an extra flash head on location.

Profoto Split Cable

“This is admittedly an uncomplicated product,” says Göran Marén, product manager at Profoto, the Swedish lighting maker. “But sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.” Marén is talking about the new AcuteB Two-Head Split Cable, a fairly self-explanatory accessory.

Profoto’s battery-powered Acute2B generator has only one output socket. But sometimes one flash head is just not enough, and buying an extra power pack isn’t exactly cheap. The Split Cable turns one output into two, allowing the photographer to plug in an extra Acute-B head on location.

Profoto Split Cable

Using the new splitter, the power distribution is symmetric, so with the Acute2B each of the two heads can use up to 300Ws. According to the company, the AcuteB2 600 AirS is Profoto’s “most compact and lightweight battery generator”.

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