ProLite introduce 144VC and 312VC LED lamps

Polish seller have introduced the ProLite LED-312VC and LED-144VC, two new continuous LED lamps with adjustable colour temperature from 3200K to 5600K.

ProLite LED-144VC and LED-312VC

ProLite LED-144VC and LED-312VC

Krakow, Poland: have introduced two new LED lamps under the ProLite brand. The LED-312VC and LED-144VC each have two different colours of diodes to allow adjustable colour temperature from 3200K to 5600K. Overall intensity can also be continuously controlled down to 1/10 of full power.

The lamps take NP-F type batteries and are stackable, allowing them to be assembled into an array. They are designed for use in both filming and stills photography.


Model 144VC 312VC
Number of LEDs 144 312
Brightness (lx/50cm) 2354 6580
Illumination angle 120° 120°
Colour temperature 3200K to 5600K
Battery life 120 mins 100 mins
Power 8.64 W 18.72 W
Supply voltage DC 7.4 – 14.8V
Dimensions (cm) 13.5*8.5*3.5 19*11.5*3.5
Weight 200g 350g

ProLite LED-144VC and LED-312VC

Where to buy

ProLite LED lamps are available from Polish seller, based in Krakow.

Prices include 23% VAT.

Update 24/04/2013: The site is now in English with explicit Euro pricing. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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