Public Quadralite A1 demo event on 8 November

Quadralite is inviting the public to Kraków, Poland, to try out the (Godox) A1 smartphone flash for the first time.

Quadralite A1

Quadralite, the European lighting distributor, is inviting the public to Kraków, Poland on 8 November 2017 to see the Quadralite A1 flash (aka Godox A1) in action. The folks at Quadralite are keen to emphasise this is an open event that anybody can attend (the closed press conference is the day before).

“If you are curious how well the A1 performs, this is the best opportunity you can find to test and grab more information about this remarkable product,” said Quadralite in a press release. “Participants will have an unique opportunity to examine the A1 alongside with the wide range of Quadralite flashes, LEDs, light modifiers and other accessories.”

The company added: “Apart from the product presentation, the event will include a workshop held by a professional photographer, who will teach you how to take better pictures with your smartphone. He will also reveal his thoughts about A1 and present exclusive photos shoot with it. Beautiful models and two fully equipped studio sets will be ready at your disposal.”

To participate, simply send an email to [email protected].

For more information, contact [email protected] or visit the company’s Facebook page. For details on the Quadralite A1 itself, visit or see our earlier announcement post. You can also read our pre-production review of the Godox A1.

I’ll be there that week, so if you want to talk lighting stuff, let me know and see you in Kraków.

David Selby
David is a keen photographer and has been editor of Lighting Rumours since 2010. When not writing about lighting, he works as a data scientist at the University of Manchester, UK.