Quantum strip out FreeXWire in new Qflash Trio Basic

Quantum have released the Qflash Trio Basic, a non-wireless version of their Qflash Trio speedlight.

Quantum Trio Basic

Quantum Trio Basic

Quantum Instruments, an American manufacturer of small flashes and battery packs, have introduced a cheaper version of their Qflash Trio speedlight. The Trio “Basic” has all the same features as the original Trio with the exception of FreeXWire radio control. It has a hotshoe foot for use on camera, with cables and third-party wireless flash triggers.


  • Compact, shoe-mount Qflash with High Speed Sync capabilities.
  • TRIO QF8NB for Nikon cameras, QF9CB for Canon cameras.
  • Unlimited rapid fire of full power flashes.
  • Removable long and short power cords.
  • User replaceable flash tube.
  • Removable reflector, barebulb flash capable.
  • Wide variety of light modifiers available

Where to buy

The Quantum Qflash Trio Basic is available in the USA for $645 – 25% less than the classic Qflash Trio. It will be possible to upgrade your Basic Trio to a FreeXWire-compatible one for the difference in price. UK prices have yet to be announced.

Note that you will also need a separate battery pack to power your Trio. For more information, visit the manufacturer’s web site.

David Selby
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