Quantum Turbo 3 battery pack released

Quantum Instruments have released the Turbo 3, a new battery pack for speedlights and Qflashes to replace the Turbo 2x2. UK & USA press releases inside.

Quantum Turbo 3 and locking cable
Quantum Turbo 3 and locking cable
Picture by Quantum

Quantum Instruments have released the Turbo 3, a new battery pack for speedlights and Qflashes to replace the Turbo 2×2. It is available now in the USA for $595 from Adorama and B&H.

Press release: Power up your [shoe or handle mount] flash with the new Turbo 3.

  • 3 times the power of the original Turbo, smaller & lighter!
  • 600 – 6000 flashes,  1/10  to 1.5 second recycle time.
  • Ultra-fast shooting speed and endurance when powering Qflash or other flashes.
  • Dual power for 2 flashes or flash + DSLR camera…shoot up to 5 hours of video with DSLR.
  • Portable studio power on location – no AC cords.
  • Belt mounted for action.

The impressive power and speed of the new Turbo 3 belies its compact size. Teamed with a Qflash 5 or TRIO you can literally fire at will, continuously, and grab all the action shots.  Stop tripping over AC cords and use Turbo 3 as your studio and location power pack.

  • “Gas gauge” shows available power and charging status
  • Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery has no “memory”
  • Universal 100 – 240 VAC charger
  • Lockable sockets work with new locking cables
  • Compatible with hundreds of flashes & digital cameras…Nikon, Canon, Metz and many more.


Qflash 2/4/5 Qflash TRIO Shoe mount flash Handle mount flash
Recycle time
Full dump
1.9 sec. 1 sec. 1 sec. 1.1 sec.
Number of shots
Full dump
600 1050 1050 750
Number of shots
1/8 power
4300 7500 7500 5400
Size (LxWxH) 5.875 x 4 x 1.75″ (15 x 10.2 x 4.4cm); Weight 32oz (0.9kg)
Locking Cables CKE2-Nikon; CZ2-Canon; CQ2-Qflash TRIO

Note: Turbo 3 accepts all Turbo cables. Locking cables work in other Turbo models as well without locking feature.

Quantum Turbo 3 product page

Also on the way:

Nikon SB900 users. We are going into production with new power modules for our Battery 1 / 1+ ( MKZ9 ) and for our Bantam Battery and Battery 1c ( XKZ9 ). They are expected to ship to dealers around the end of May 2010. Check with your dealer for prices.

Update – UK & Ireland press release:

FLAGHEAD PHOTOGRAPHIC, the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for Quantum products, are pleased to announce the NEW Quantum TURBO 3 battery pack!

The TURBO 3 is the most advanced power source for portable flash units and Digital SLR cameras: ultra fast recycling for flash units and long operating times for video and stills recording!

The impressive power capacity and speed of the new TURBO 3 belies it’s size! This battery is the direct replacement of the popular TURBO2x2 and has been designed to power cameras as well as flash units! Since many modern DSLR’s have video recording facilities a powerful energy source is more important than ever.

(See the USA press release above for features)

Recommended retail pricing:

Code Description Retail excl of Vat Retail inc Vat Available
T3 TURBO 3 with universal charger, belt clip & strap 499.00 586.00 From stock
CKE2 NIKON cable, locking 44.00 51.70 From stock
CZ3 CANON cable, locking 44.00 51.70 From stock
CQ2 Trio cable, locking 46.00 54.05 mid May
TRU Universal charger for T3 48.30 56.75 mid May

Flaghead Photographic MD Hardy Haase comments:

This is Quantum’s best battery pack ever! With 30 years experience in battery technology, Quantum really know how to provide the power that fast shooting professionals desperately need and with the convergence of stills and video imaging, the Turbo 3 fills a gap in the market!

For more information visit www.qtm.com or www.flaghead.co.uk

David Selby
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