Quantuum to distribute Leadpower LP-750 in Europe

Polish studio lighting brand Quantuum have added the Godox Leadpower LP-750 pure sine wave battery pack to their product line.

Quantuum Leadpower LP-750

Quantuum Leadpower LP-750

Polish studio lighting brand Quantuum have added the Godox Leadpower LP-750 battery pack to their product line. This nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) 9Ah battery inverter is designed specifically for photographers and film-makers working away from mains power.

The company claims that the Quantuum Leadpower can fire 400 flashes at 500J or run a 150W lamp continuously for 50 minutes. It is compatible with all brands of lights as well as any other sub-750W electrical appliance. The inverter has an efficiency rating of 91%, transforming 13.2VDC into 220-240VAC at 50Hz. Charging the battery takes 6 hours via wall socket or car adapter, and the battery life is estimated at 500 charge/discharge cycles.


  • Weighs 5.6kg including the Ni-MH battery
  • Continuous power rating of 750W
  • Peak power of 1400W
  • Capacity of 9Ah
  • Three 220V AC output sockets
  • Pure sine wave
  • Operates from 0-40°C
  • Low-voltage alarm and switch

Source: Optyczne PL

Where to buy

The Quantuum Leadpower LP-750 is available for 2,399PLN  / €623.74 / £503.79 / US$935.61 from Foto-Tip’s web site and eBay store including a 24 month warranty. You can alternatively buy the original Godox Leadpower for US$790 from Hong Kong. The Leadpower is also available in Hungary from Mikrosat.

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