Radio-enabled Cactus flash, RF60, waiting in the wings

Cactus Image has a new radio-enabled flashgun on the way called the RF60.

Cactus RF60 teaser

Although specifics are currently shadowy, Cactus appears to have a new flash on the horizon, the RF60. It is thought to include wireless capabilities using the 2.4GHz frequency band, incorporating both master and slave modes.

We were anonymously sent the following teaser pic and information about a few of the key features.

Cactus RF60 teaser

  • It will have the ability to support groups so multiple flashes can be fired simultaneously at different power outputs.
  • It will support remote power and zoom control.
  • It will be compatible with the current V5 trigger and importantly the forthcoming V6.

Details regarding power, layout, custom functions, compatibility and dedication along with recycling time and type of battery are not known.

We will let you know immediately when more information becomes available.