RadioPopper Jr2 may not come to Europe ‘any time soon’

Looking forward to controlling your flashes with the RadioPopper Jr2? If you're based in Europe, you might not want to hold your breath.

RadioPopper Jr2 in Europe

Looking forward to controlling your flashes with the RadioPopper Jr2? If you’re based in Europe, you might not want to hold your breath. One Lighting Rumours reader recently contacted the manufacturer to check on its estimated release date. The prognosis does not look good, judging from the response he got from customer service:

“If you are asking if we have a Jr2 system for Europe then we do not at this time, nor am I aware of any European models that are coming out any time soon.”

RadioPopper has not got the best track record at bringing its products outside North America. There was a two-and-a-half year delay between the RadioPopper JrX being released in the company’s native USA and it being made available in Europe.

RadioPopper Jr2

Despite the opportunity last time round, none of the Asian manufacturers really came up with a rival product to the JrX, which could control Nikon or Canon speedlights remotely with handy manual power adjustment.

However, Harvest One has since released the Cactus V6, which can do many of the things the RP Jr2 does, with bonus Pentax flash support. The V6 is about half the price of the RadioPopper Jr2 and even has distributors in the UK and US. The Jr2 does let you control Photogenic and White Lightning studio flashes, but you won’t find those in Europe either.

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David Selby
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