Rapid Fire rotating flash bracket eliminates harsh side-shadows

The Custom Brackets RF-PRO (Rapid Fire) is a bracket for events photography that keeps the flash above the lens at all times.

Custom Brackets RF-PRO

Custom Brackets have produced a rotating on-camera flash bracket called the RF-PRO (Rapid Fire). Marketed to people using direct on-camera flash, such as events photographers and the paparazzi, it will position the flashgun directly over the lens whether the camera is in portrait or landscape orientation.

Custom Brackets RF-PRO

The people behind the RF-PRO describe it as “the only roller bearing bracket for flash rotation available” and claim it helps produce “consistent, shadow free lighting” in both horizontal and vertical positions. The RF-PRO can fit cameras with and without battery grips attached, thanks to its one-size-fits-all adjustable design. The whole apparatus folds flat for transport and storage.

Custom Brackets RF-PRO

What’s more, optional adapters will connect the bracket to straps and carrying systems by Spider Holster, Carry Speed, BlackRapid, Sun Sniper, Custom SLR and Joby. The following video shows the system being demonstrated at the Photo Plus Expo in New York City last year.

Distributed in the UK by Flaghead Photographic, the RF-PRO (Rapid Fire) has a recommended retail price of £202.80 including VAT, with three different connectors available for an additional £17.94 each. For further product information, visit the Custom Brackets web site.

David Selby
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