Rikon of Hong Kong opens official eBay store

Rikon has opened an official manufacturer outlet on eBay for customers struggling to find local distributors for their products.

Rikon Dazzne Kody TTL

Rikon’s latest flash triggers, the Dazzne Kody TTL and the MeYin RF-604, have been officially “released” for a while now and received largely favourable reviews from us, but reputable distributors for the brand are proving hard to find. And while we at Lighting Rumours are eagerly anticipating the company’s future products, such as the maybe-radio-enabled Dazzne Flash Light, it would be academic if there were nowhere for you actually to buy one.

In response to customer demand, Rikon HK has launched an official eBay store, selling directly from their factory to any interested photographers around the world who can’t track down a decent local dealer yet. The model is similar to that employed by Yongnuo, who also have an eBay outlet.

The Rikon store, registered as rikonhk, is currently selling the RF-604 at US$35 per kit and Kody TTL receivers for $117 each. Other items, including more triggers and wired camera remotes, are also available and further products from their catalogue (such as full Kody kits) will hopefully be listed soon as well. (Update: Kody kits are now on sale for $259.) Click here to see the listings.

Rikon Dazzne Kody TTL

David Selby
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