Rime Lite XB Prime now available in USA

Rime Lite's XB Prime studio lighting system has been launched in the USA. There will be 300Ws, 500Ws, 700Ws and 1200Ws models as well as a range of remote-controlling accessories.

Rime Lite XB Prime 12

Rime Lite XB Prime 12

Union, New Jersey: Rime Lite’s XB Prime studio lighting system has been launched in the USA. Four different models will be available along with all the advanced wireless control accessories offered by the system. Manufactured in South Korea, the XB Prime series offers a whole host of innovative features.

Rime Lite XB Prime remote control accessories

Every high precision function of XB Prime lights may be adjusted wirelessly by the handheld remote or computer software. There is a hotshoe-mounted transmitter for synchronising the flashes with your camera. Both flash and modelling lamp intensity are adjustable over a 7 stop range in 1/10 stop increments. The lights have a Bowens S-type accessory mount. For a list of Rime Lite accessories available in the USA, visit the distributor’s web site.

ACS mode displays the flash intensity as an aperture value, allowing you to match your camera and light settings with no mental arithmetic required.


Model XB Prime 3 XB Prime 5 XB Prime 7 XB Prime 12
Energy 300J 500J 700J 1200J
AC Supply 100 ~ 120V (50 ~ 60 Hz)
Guide Number 45.3 45.9 64.3 90.1
Power Range 2J – 300J 4J – 500J 5J -700J 8J – 1200J
Flash Duration (t.5) 1/2700 s 1/2200 s 1/1500 s 1/1300 s
Recycle Speed 0.8 s 0.8 s 0.9 s 1.2 s
Modelling Lamp Halogen GX 6.35: 150W, 300W, 650W or 1000W
Dimensions (mm) 420x120x115 420x120x115 453x120x115 470x120x115
Weight 2.9 kg 3 kg 3.3 kg 4 kg

You can read a review and further explanation of the features of the Rime Lite XB Prime series here.

For more information, please visit Rime Lite USA or the manufacturer’s product page.

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