Yet more TTL flashes: Rime Lite i.4, Falcon Eyes S-2T and Visico-5

Rime Lite i.4 TTL, Falcon Eyes SATEL TWO S-2T and Visico-5 are all S-fit battery-powered studio flashes with TTL and HSS support.

Falcon Eyes SATEL-TWO S-2T

Feeling spoilt for choice with all the new TTL-enabled, battery-powered flash heads appearing on the market? Well there are are now even more to choose from. In case you are having trouble keeping track, we have also compiled a full list.

All three of the following new flashes have Bowens S-fit accessory mounts.

Rime Lite i.4 TTL

The Rime Lite i.4 TTL is an updated version of the Korean manufacturer’s i4, a portable flash head with an integrated battery pack. The i.4 TTL adds Canon E-TTL and Nikon i-TTL functionality via 2.4 GHz radio link.

Rime Lite i.4 TTL

The overall design is a bit more slick, too: the head is considerably smaller more compact than the original i2, i4 or i6 heads, with dedicated battery modules that neatly clip onto the base. The LED modelling lamp, at 10 watts, is twice as powerful, and the specified recycle time of 2.4 seconds is faster than the i4.

Rime Lite i.4 battery

Each battery is rated 4400mAh and supposed to last for 330 full-power flashes on a single charge.

Remote control is done via the TTL Swing-4 (TS-4) commander module, which has a claimed operating range of over 100 metres, with four wireless groups and 99 channels to choose from. It will adjust your i.4 heads in either TTL or manual mode and supports high-speed sync (HSS) up to 1/8000 second shutter speeds.

Visit the Rime Lite product page for more information.

Falcon Eyes SATEL-TWO S-2T

Hong Kong manufacturer Falcon Eyes recently unveiled the SATEL-TWO S-2T, a battery-powered head with integrated 2.4GHz wireless functionality. It is the follow-up to the Falcon Eyes SATEL-ONE, a rather unique battery flash with a tilting touch-screen control panel.

Falcon Eyes SATEL-TWO S-2T

That interface has now gone, with the SATEL-TWO having a more conventional-looking control panel. Presumably because Falcon Eyes is betting that you will be using the 2.4GHz wireless controller to make all your settings adjustments remotely, obviating the need to use physical controls on the head itself. The trigger supports three groups and 15 channels.

The design of the SATEL-TWO looks like it is using some components from the Nicefoto N-Flash, notably the cylindrical head with the drop-in 6600mAh battery pack and slightly recessed flash tube. It will have an energy rating of 600Ws, a recycle time of 4 seconds, a 10-watt LED modelling lamp and offer TTL and HSS support for Canon and Nikon.

Falcon Eyes SATEL-TWO S-2T

It looks like you will also be able to power the SATEL-Two from the mains, using an optional adapter.

Currently the main source of information on this new product is Falcon Eyes’ Facebook page.


The previous iteration of the Visico-5, fittingly called the Visico-4, was a shameless Nicefoto N-Flash clone with no particular features worth writing home about. This latest model has a new design and TTL and HSS support.


It works with the VC818TX transmitter, which supports Canon and Nikon TTL. Other Visico radio transmitters are also available, with remote power adjustment and triggering (but without TTL) so you can integrate the Visico-5 into an existing Visico lighting system.

There are only three wireless groups and four channels available. The flash is rated 400J, with 10-watt LED modelling lamp. The battery has a capacity of 6000 mAh and slides onto the top of the head.

Visit the Visico Alibaba page for more information.

David Selby
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