Ringlight mania for video

Eduardo Frances looks at some of the ring-shaped continuous lighting available to photographers and videographers in Europe.

If there is something the internet loves, it’s kittens, but if you combine photographers + internet then the result is ring-shaped lighting sources. For those of you who love this special ringlight effect but don’t have an option to do video with ringlights, European suppliers Foto Walser and Viewfinder Photography come to the rescue offering a nice range of ringlights for different uses, different power levels and sizes.


For macro work there is a dedicated macro ringlight with 28W consumption: small and compact for those objects who won’t require behemothic units to light them. It has a flexible “neck” which allows you to tilt and swivel the unit.

Walimex Macro Ring Light 28W

Portraits and beauty

If you have seen Joey Lawrence’s “Sessions with Joey L” DVD you might recognize this one. It is similar (or the same) ringlight used for the Monty Are I photoshoot. A 65W Walimex ring lamp with a flexible neck to tilt and swivel the unit. Price: €129.95.

Walimex Macro Ring Light 65W

What’s that? You want a bigger ringlight? Sure thing. You can use this 90W consumption ringlight that even provides the ability to change power output by turning on or off each of its three fluorescent tubes. It comes with its own swivel and a sock for if you want to diffuse the light. How much? €199.95.

Walimex 90W fluorescent ring lamp

For those of us who are busy-bodies and move a lot, there is the option of a more portable unit in the shape of a traditional studio ring flash. The Walimex Pro Mobile Ring Light comes with a bracket, tripod connector and a diffuser. It has a knob to dim the output power. This one will cost you €279.95.

Walimex pro ring light

There is also this LED Ringlight from Viewfinder Photography which looks similar although much more expensive (£768). The unit can be powered from a battery belt (like Batman’s belt but with NiMh batteries) or use a normal mains socket from your wall.

Eduardo Frances
Based in Spain, Eduardo Frances is a professional photographer specialized in portrait, fashion and advertising photography. You can check out his work in his website: www.eduardofrances.com