This is Samsung’s new SEF-580A flagship flashgun

We saw the specs, and finally we can see what it looks like: Samsung's wireless flashgun.

Samsung ED-SEF580A

With the announcement of Samsung’s fancy new NX30 camera and shiny new lens also came a bright new flash: the SEF-580A, the first proper wireless flash for the mirrorless NX system.

Though full specs were published for the SEF-580A, for one reason or another we didn’t get to see what the unit actually looked like. It turns out that the company hid the photos where nobody would ever find them: in plain view on their Google+ page. Here they are:

Samsung ED-SEF580A

We can’t see it from the other angle, in particular the “Graphic LCD” meant to be on the back. But what we can see is that it tilts and swivels, and this is a fairly beefy unit that makes the NX30 — the biggest camera currently in the NX system — look quite small by comparison. Not too ridiculous, though. And maybe it hints at an even more professional-grade NX camera to come, as is rumoured.

Samsung ED-SEF580A

With a guide number of 58, high-speed sync and advanced wireless master/slave modes, including control from the NX30’s pop-up flash, the SEF-580A looks like it could hold its own. For the full specs, see our original announcement. Pricing still hasn’t been revealed.

David Selby
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