Seaport Digital i-Visor accessories introduced

Seaport Digital have released the i-Visor ON Set, i-Visor OS Platform and i-Visor Pro LS, designed to keep unwanted light or attention away from your laptop monitor.

Seaport Digital i-Visor Pro LS

Seaport Digital i-Visor Pro LS

American company Seaport Digital have released several new accessories to their range of i-Visor cases – designed for protecting laptop computers and shielding the screen from external light. The cases are aimed at photographers who shoot tethered, or anyone who wants to view their laptop outdoors or in privacy.

Seaport Digital products are sold in Europe, North America, Japan and Korea. You can also buy directly from the Seaport web site at the following prices:

Press release

Lake Forest, IL. — Seaport Digital is proud to introduce the latest innovation in their i-Visor product line up. In early 2010 Seaport Digital introduced the OS Platform, a support platform with mouse tray. Whilst this was designed to support the heaviest 17” laptop, equally important was its ability to mate with the slot and strapping system included with the new Award Winning i-Visor Pro LS. Using the OS Platform as the foundation, Seaport Digital has now come out with the ON-Set, an i-Visor shield with the same strapping system. Designed in cooperation with a well-known Seattle Videographer, the ON-Set is a lightweight TriFold visor that comes with a dark-cloth and rugged carrying case that will also accommodate the OS Platform. Together these two items offer the perfect on-location laptop support solution for the crystal clear viewing of images on a laptop.

IV1118 – i-Visor ON Set w/carrying case and Dark-clothSeaport Digital i-Visor ON Set

Nominal Outside Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 1″

This evolution of the i-Visor Slim is a perfect solution for “On Location” setups where critical viewing of your laptop screen is necessary. It’s unique patented tri-fold visor is designed so that it can adjust for several viewing angles. For a perfect “darkroom” effect it also comes with an extra Dark Cloth which can be attached to the i-Visor and draped over the viewer’s head for detailed screen viewing.  The On-Set comfortably houses up to a 17” laptop. It has an integral Secure Strapping System for mounting to the i-Visor OS Platform w/Mouse Tray (IV1206) and comes with a carry bag and laptop secure strap system.

IV1206 – i-Visor OS Platform w/Tray

Nominal Outside Dimensions: 16.5″ x 13.5″ x .5″

Seaport Digital i-Visor OS PlatformThis heavy gauge aluminum alloy tray was designed to be light-weight yet rugged enough to support the heaviest 17” laptop. Unlike any other support of it’s kind it comes with a Mouse Tray that quickly fastens on and will support the heaviest handed mouse users. The i-Visor OS Support Platform is made to fasten onto i-Visor Tripod (IV1230), or any other rugged tripod with a 3/8” stud. It was specifically designed to accommodate the integral strapping system on both the i-Visor LS and i-Visor ON-Set.

Seaport Digital i-Visor Pro LSIV1122 – i-Visor Pro LS

Nominal Outside Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 4″

The i-Visor Pro case not only allows you to transport your laptop computer safely from place to place, but it also doubles as a visor hood that enables you to view your monitor easily under even the brightest lighting conditions. If you’re a professional and the quality of the image on your laptop is critical, the I-Visor Pro was designed specifically for you. It’s the solution to viewing digital images with crystal clarity in any location; under studio lights, or the desert sun.

Seaport Digital’s inventor Chris Harlocker has been an active member of the photographic community for over 20 years. His full time position as VP of Business Development for Calumet Photographic, Inc.’s global business provides a unique insight to the needs of both the business traveler and the professional photographer.

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