Seaport Volta V-385 studio inverter lasts ‘twice as long’ as the competition

The Volta V-385 has a whopping 26Ah battery pack to keep your mains-powered studio lights running for longer on location and outdoors.

Seaport Digital Volta V-385

Seaport Digital has announced a new pure sine wave battery inverter designed to power studio equipment for longer than ever away from mains supplies.

The Volta V-385 is a modified Godox Leadpower LP-800x with a whopping 26 Ah  battery pack. This compares to 12 Ah in the original Godox version (itself a long-lasting unit) and around 9 Ah in the Jinbei Energon. What that means in practice is the Volta will keep your gear powered for more than twice as long as other packs on the market. And when it does run out, you can simply swap in a fresh battery module and carry on shooting.

Seaport Digital Volta V-385

What’s a battery inverter? A battery pack that puts out clean AC power like a mains wall socket, letting you run normally studio-confined lights on location and even outdoors. There are three mains sockets to plug in your studio lights and other appliances. Peak output is 1400 Watts, supporting a wide range of studio flash heads. Continuous output is 800W, so you can run LEDs, laptop chargers, fans, fog machines or laptop chargers too, depending on their power ratings. To keep your mobile devices topped up, there are three 5V USB ports suitable for charging phones and tablets.

Seaport told us that in testing they have measured 815 full-power pops from a 750Ws studio flash powered by the Volta on a single charge.

The pack comes in a protective carrying case with pockets for all your cables and adapters.

Seaport Digital Volta V-385

The Volta V-385 is distributed exclusively through Seaport Digital, retailing for $899.95. Both 110V and 220V AC models are available. Click here for more information.

David Selby
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