Sekonic & Hensel light meters can adjust flash power remotely

Why just measure light output when you can change it too? That's the thinking behind two new light meters: Sekonic's Litemaster Pro L-478DR and Hensel's Strobe Master.

Sekonic L-478DR LiteMaster Pro

Why just measure light output when you can change it too? That’s the thinking behind two new light meters: Sekonic’s Litemaster Pro L-478DR and Hensel’s Strobe Master.

The Sekonic unit is billed as the “world’s first” touchscreen light meter and “ideal” for both photographers and videographers. It has a 2.7″ touch-sensitive colour LCD screen and a built-in PocketWizard radio transceiver. Using the slick menu system it is possible to adjust the power of three Zones of Nikon and Canon speedlights sitting on remote PocketWizard FlexTT5s, as well as Elinchrom RX studio flashes hooked up to a PowerST4 module. If all you have is manual-only receivers, such as the PocketWizard Plus III, the Litemaster will do normal triggering as well.

You can buy the Sekonic L-478DR now for US$469 from Adorama. For other dealers, visit

Sekonic L-478DR LiteMaster Pro

The Hensel Strobe Master is less swish than the Sekonic Litemaster but offers most of the same capabilities for a Hensel set-up. The device, which is manufactured in Germany by renowned meter-maker Gossen, eschews the fancy touchscreen for a more traditional interface. The built-in Strobe Wizard Plus transmitter will let you not only trigger Hensel’s flashes, but adjust their power levels, turn the modelling lights on and off and make use of Freemask.

A price for the Strobe Master has yet to be announced. Visit Hensel’s web site for more information.

Hensel Strobe Master


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