New Sekonic light meters compatible with Elinchrom, Phottix flashes

Two new meters from Sekonic have built-in flash triggering for Phottix and Elinchrom.

Sekonic LiteMaster Pro L-478DR-PX for Phottix

Sekonic has announced two new incident light meters, the Litemaster Pro L-478DR-EL and L-478DR-PX, compatible with Elinchrom and Phottix wireless triggers.

The two touchscreen exposure meters have built-in radio modules, allowing triggering of flash units and wireless receivers from the respective brand’s system. As well as flash metering, the units support a range of cinematic exposure modes, profiling for different cameras and an optional 5° viewfinder for spot metering.

Sekonic’s new meters are the result of the partnership with Phottix and Elinchrom announced last year.

Sekonic LiteMaster Pro L-478DR-PX for Phottix

The Phottix version, the L-478DR-PX, allows individual meter readings for lights in different wireless groups, including the Indra360 and Indra500 studio lights, the Mitros+ radio-enabled shoe-mount flash and any other flash connected to a Strato II or Atlas II receiver. The meter does not grant remote power control; only triggering, as its radio is based on the manual-only Strato II.

The L-478DR-EL is compatible with the Elinchrom Skyport system and allows “complete control of the flash’s power on 0.1-step increments” as well as adjusting modelling lamp power, for individual groups or all lights at once.

The Sekonic LiteMaster Pro L-478DR-PX for Phottix and L-478DR-EL for Elinchrom are available now for $399 from B&H Photo, Adorama and other dealers.

David Selby
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