Shanny VN300 AA-powered location flash announced

Shanny has announced the VN300, a portable AC/DC flash for location photographers.

Shanny VN300

Shanny has announced the VN300, a portable AC/DC flash for location photographers. The Shanny VN300 is a 300Ws flash that unusually runs on six AA batteries. You can speed up operation by plugging it into a high-voltage battery pack, like a Godox PB960, or using a mains adapter.

The Shanny VN300 is exactly the same light as the Mcoplus MT-300 Flash Cube, a re-brand that somehow got announced before the original.

Shanny VN300

As well as the 300Ws flash tube, the VN300 features an LED modelling lamp and a proprietary accessory mount that looks a little bit like a miniature Bowens S-fit bayonet. The device includes a built-in 2.4GHz radio receiver compatible with Shanny’s SN910TX radio trigger, which means you get full wireless remote control of settings, high-speed sync support and TTL exposure control for Canon and Nikon.

The VN300 weighs just 0.75 kg (without batteries) and measures 155 × 72 × 82mm, a size comparable (according to the manufacturer) to the iPhone 6 Plus. As well as TTL control, there is manual adjustment from full power down to 1/128 in 1/3-stop increments.

Shanny VN300

While the small size and power options should appeal to on-the-go photographers, what makes or breaks the deal on the VN300/MT-300 is the accessory mount. It isn’t quite a Bowens mount, nor does it fit standard bare-bulb accessories like the rival Godox Witstro and SMDV BRiHT-360 systems do. I have a review sample here at Lighting Rumours HQ and the head is too big to fit the Godox S-type bracket. Shanny needs to develop a mount adaptor or a huge ecosystem of lighting modifiers quickly, or it might not be so compelling a product.

Shanny are currently offering the VN300 for $375 from their AliExpress store. For more information, visit the Shanny VN300 product page.

Our review is in progress. What do you think of this flash? Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments.

David Selby
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