Slinger Big Bags wrap, pack and protect your lighting equipment

Adorama has released a range of new bags and cases to carry your photographic lighting gear.


Photography forums are full of posts about the best bags available to pack, wrap and protect your kit. It seems to be a never ending quest of Arthurian proportions, more talked about than the Holy Grail.

Slinger are a range of bags by American retailer, Adorama. Amongst the newly launched nine “BigBag” collection are three lighting specific bags, the budget-friendly SLBBL5, the mid-range SLBB3 and the ultimate, SLBBL1. All are made from weather-resistant go-tex material for durability and if ordered online from Adorama’s site include free postage to US addresses.

The Slinger BigBag Lighting Bag (SLBBL5) comes with three full length adjustable padded dividers to enable you to protect and efficiently organise your lighting equipment. It includes two adjustable extra-long straps with clips for attaching and carrying light stands. The internal dimensions are length 29”, width 10.5”, height 11” and weighing only 5lbs 8oz it affords protection, and portability at a budget friendly $69.95 (USD).

Slinger Big Bag Lighting Bag

The mid-priced Slinger heavy duty light stand bag (SLBB3) is fitted with two ABS wheels. It has been described as a “powerhouse on wheels”. With two inner straps to prevent equipment shifting and being damaged, plentiful padding and D-rings for straps and additional elements along with two weather sealed zips. Its internal dimensions are length 47.5”, width 12” and height 8” and weighing in at 8lbs 14oz and a retail price of $119.95 (USD).


The SLBBL1 is a real Trojan Horse-sized bag. Fitted with two ABS wheels, large opening weather sealed zippers, side carry handles, and four full width padded dividers, full-length padded light stand divider with Velcro straps along with an outside business card/ID holder. The internal dimensions are length 35”, width 13” and height 12” and weighing in at 16lbs with a cost of $179.95 (USD).


Lastly, it may be worth considering the Slinger BigBag tripod and light stand bag (SLBBT2). This is a 2lb 3oz bag affording 37” length and 11.5” width at a cost of $39.95 (USD) to provide protection for your light stands and/or tripod.


Adorama’s Slinger big bags provide a range of options for the lighting enthusiast. Visit for more information.