Smartphone light meter receives over 1200% of Kickstarter funding target

Lumu has raised over $240k to manufacture their plug-in smartphone light meter, and will release their SDK to developers.

Lumu pack

Lumu, the Slovenian company developing a plug-in incident light meter for smartphones, has exceeded its Kickstarter funding goal by over 1000%. The firm wanted to raise $20,000 to put their device into mass production and eventually received a whopping $244,085 from 2,622 community backers.

Celebrating the event, the manufacturer announced they will release a software development kit (SDK) so that Android and iOS developers will be able to create their own software applications to work with the device.

“We are opening our SDK to every member of Lumutribe,” Lumu wrote on their Kickstarter page. “Everyone will have chance to make his app.”

Lumu pack

The Lumu light meter — which upon release should retail for $149 — is specified to work with all iPhones and iPod Touches running iOS 5.0 and later. The Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II and HTC One running Android 4.1+ will also be compatible.

The company is reticent about which other Android devices beyond these specific models are supported, saying: “To be honest, we don’t want to publish that list,” suggesting that they think people might take it as a sleight against the quality of said handsets if their headphone ports are not compatible with the light meter.

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