SMDV FlashWaves III triggers released

SMDV have discontinued their FlashWave II triggers and released a new 2.4GHz trigger, the Flash Wave III.

Flash Wave III transmitter and receiver
Picture by Story of the stone

Korean-based SMDV have discontinued their FlashWave II triggers (aka in Europe: Fomei TR-D10) and released a new 2.4GHz trigger, the Flash Wave III.

The new version features a shutter release capability, a maximum flash triggering voltage of 300V, and a DC input on the receiver. The price is the same as the old version (160,000 KRW).

The new unit is not backwards-compatible, and FlashWave II units are no longer being made,  so current FWII users may be out of luck. However, it is rumoured that Korean customers may be able to trade in their old Flash Wave triggers for the new ones.

There are no international distributors yet, but Korean seller Konova Photo will ship worldwide.

Flickr user Story of the stone has shared his experience with the new triggers, here:

I don’t know how the Flash Wave – III compares to the FlashWaves, but I truly prefer this to the My Slave which receiver takes 3AAA batteries and not 2 AA batteries (as does the FlashWaves receiver). I’ve yet to test it rigorously (I don’t expect it to fail so probably never will), but it has yet to misfire a single time, and I love the remote shutter release ability. The manual is (fortunately) in English and Korean, so this might be a product aimed at international markets.

SMDV Flash Wave III product page (in Korean)
SMDV International site (under construction)
Flash Wave III Alibaba page

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