Spekular modular LED system is ‘only light you need’

Spekular LED bars fit together in ring, square, star and rectangle shapes to reduce the need for softboxes and other light modifiers in your studio.

Spekular Star Adapter

Spiffy Gear, the company that brought us the Light Blaster slide projector, has announced a new modular LED lighting system called Spekular.

The product consists of multiple 14.5-watt LED lighting bars that can be assembled in different configurations for different creative effects. According to the manufacturer, the range of shapes—a ring, a square, a star, a standard rectangular array and others—means photographers and videographers have less need for dedicated modifiers such as softboxes to shape their lighting.

“Spekular will enable photographers and videographers to tell their stories while paying less, carrying less and having more lighting options, said Spiffy Gear chief executive Udi Tirosh, in a press release.

At 14.5 watts, each LED bar puts out the equivalent of “around 150W of halogen light” (1500+ luminous flux), and the basic $650 Spekular kit includes four of them. Each bar has 10–100% adjustable output and is daylight-balanced (5500–5700K), with ratings of 94+ CRI and 96+ TLCI.

Hinged connectors and mounting adapters allow a variety of shapes to be constructed from the standard kit, with optional accessories such as a Star Adapter and an Extension Kit for even more possibilities. A Spekular Battery Adapter adds D-Tap battery support, while the original kit runs off a 100–240V mains adapter.

This isn’t the first modular LED system we’ve seen. The Exalux Briks system is another, based on square panels rather than long bars. The Falcon Eyes Saber series is a light wand that offers some similar configurations to the Spekular system—see here.



Spekular example

The Spekular lighting system is available now at www.spekular.com with the following pricing.

  • Spekular kit – $650
  • Spekular Star Adapter – $130
  • Spekular Extension Kit – $130
  • Spekular Battery Adapter – $130

Visit the manufacturer’s web site for further information.

Could a system like this replace softboxes in your studio? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • daniel_b123

    Any indication of which CRI Index, CRI-7, CRI-9 or CRU-15 ? A 95 CRI-15 is great for photography. A 95 CRI-7 is often less than ideal photography.

    • alberto cabrera

      I thought CRI 95+ is good?

      • daniel_b123

        CRI = looks like marketing terminology created to sell incandescent light bulbs to me.
        An incandescent bulb has a 100 CRI rating, a real hint to the origins of this rating index.

        Do a simple cheap test, photograph a few blue garments in a dark room with an incandescent bulb. No way to color correct this image.

        Marketing terminology is often created with the intention to deceive. they are too often successful.

      • Robert Martinu

        CRI without further qualifiers doesn’t say much.
        The statement on your common household LED bulb for example tells you how close 7 specific color patches are to the color they should be.
        More demanding versions ask for more patches, and those patches tend to be less forgiving(at least if you don
        t apply custom phosphors to your LEDs).
        And then there is TLCI, which tells you how good the color rendition is when the image is recorded by a common RGB sensor.

    • Joseph Parry

      it’s CRI-15 (Just asked Udi himself)

      • daniel_b123

        That’s really good news & should be one of their prominent marketing points.
        High Quality LED light technically the potential to achieve 95 CRI-15 specs.

        I built a custom 95 CRI-15 LED system 2 years ago after testing expensive low
        performance LED photo lights my friends owned.

  • alberto cabrera

    I have been wanting for something like this. I have seen DIY setups, but I don’t have the time. The price is pretty average too.