StripTube – a new striplight for speedlites

The StripTube is a 75cm-long modifier designed for use with any speedlight.

Everybody likes striplights but hardly anybody likes to carry them around. In fact they are bulky, they usually take time to setup and they are tricky to position when shooting on location. The German company Thas-Systems has just launched a new product that promises portable striplight illumination with just a fraction of the size and, even better, works with any speedlites. This new product is called StripTube.

The StripTube is basically a 75 cm long semi transparent shipping tube with an internal reflector. At first sight it is very similar to the Saberstrip, of which our review can be found here. When looking closer it distinguishes itself with the different flash mount and light stand connection.

For roughly 180€ it is certainly not a low-cost alternative to the Saberstrip or other striplights. The real question is if it is worth the premium compared to the Saberstrip, which already had the time to prove itself with many different photographers. Fortunately we at LightingRumours just received a sample to test. So stay tuned for the review!


The StripTube is currently available through the German distributor Enjoyyourcamera and the Swiss distributor Light + Byte, but Thas-Sytems is currently looking for more international distributors.