Strobeam EID500: portable IGBT flash with remote control

British studio supplier Viewfinder Photography have released the Strobeam EID500, a 500J AC/DC monolight with fast flash durations and remote power control.

Strobeam EID500

Strobeam EID500

Leicester, England: Viewfinder Photography have released a new portable monolight, the Strobeam EID500. Manufactured by CononMark, the EID500 is similar to the NID500 but features a Bowens S-type bayonet, a metal umbrella mount and better quality Rubycon capacitors.


  • 8 stops control from full to 1/128 power.
  • LCD display
  • Bowens S mount
  • Remote control with 15 channels and two groups (A and B)
  • 6.35mm sync socket
  • Ready buzz/beep
  • Optical slave, switchable on/off
  • Modelling light, switchable on/off
  • Lithium ion battery compatible with CononMark/Strobeam DL4, Nikon and Canon speedlights.

Manufacturer’s specifications

Model EID500
Circuit IGBT
Output 8 stops 1/128-1/1
Effective distance Up to 30m
QUICK MULTI FP (continuous shutter)
Recycling time (220VAC) 0.01-1.2s
Recycling time (DC powerpack) 0.2-3.5s
Flash duration @ t=0.5 1/9600
Sync voltage 5V DC
Light sensor Yes (On/Off)
Modelling lamp (AC) 75W-150W
Modelling lamp (DC) NO
Modelling lamp mount E11
Warning tone Yes (On/Off)
Guide Number (GN) 58
Overheat protection Yes
Colour temperature 5500K +/-200K
Dimensions 52 x 52 x 200mm
Weight 1.75kg

At Viewfinder Photography you can buy a Strobeam EID500 kit (including head, battery and remote) for £599 plus VAT. Separately, heads are £375, battery packs cost £259 and the EID remote is £49. Each battery pack is capable of powering two flashes and each remote can control up to 30 EID heads (receivers are built-in).

David Selby
David is a keen photographer and has been editor of Lighting Rumours since 2010. When not writing about lighting, he works as a data scientist at the University of Manchester, UK.