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Lighting links this week

Gadget Infinity sell out of Cactus V5s hours after release, Mola file a lawsuit against Kacey, Innovatronix announce WPPI deals and a video demo of the Tronix XTs.

Cactus V4 issues with G1, 5D and E-30 resolved

Sync speed issues with Cactus V4 wireless flash triggers and the Lumix G1, Canon 5D and Olympus E-30 have been resolved. All triggers sold from now on “should be free from these banding issues” with these cameras.

Interweb store news

GadgetInfinity launch their own blog; Yongnuo LED lights available on Dealextreme; wired control panels for R+ Digital from Quantuum; Bowens Gemini Classic review.

Strobist Starter Kits

Dutch / Belgian photography shop Foto Konijnenberg are offering a “Strobist Starter Kit” including an air-damped light stand, a set of Cactus V4 triggers, an Interfit Strobies XS bracket, a Jinbei umbrella and a softbox.