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Hobo Merlin 600 and 1000 now available

British studio lighting retailer CotswoldPhoto has announced the release of the Hobo Merlin 1000 – the most powerful unit in their Merlin studio flash series – available from £319.99. The Merlin 600 is also back in stock, having been sold out.

Hobo Lighting releases new parabolic umbrellas from £20

Online photographic supplier CotswoldPhoto has released the first in a series of Hobo Lighting parabolic umbrellas. The 42″ (105cm) Silver/Black Parabolic is now available, shortly to be followed by 64″ (162cm) and 85″ (215cm) versions. Price: £20 inc. VAT and P&P.

CLS65 light stands back in stock

UK eBay seller CotswoldPhoto has announced updates for the Hobo Lighting CLS65 compact light stands, parabolic light modifier and A600 monolights.

Parabolic umbrellas for under £20

CotswoldPhoto has revealed a new parabolic umbrella for less than £20. Plus, Rime Lite XB Primes have been listed by Viewfinder Photography.