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Cheetah Tri-Speed TS-H120 flash bracket review

The Cheetah Tri-Speed H120 is a triple flash bracket with a 3.5mm socket to plug in a radio receiver or sync cable and trigger all three flashes simultaneously. Any good? Read our review to find out.

DIY lighting, done for you

There are many of us who are attracted by the low cost of do-it-yourself lighting equipment, but haven’t the time or skill to produce something that works well. Now though, a company based in America has developed an appealing compromise.

Lastolite Brolly Grip review

The Lastolite Brolly Grip kit – how useful is it for run-and-gun location photography?

Godox Reemix: the end of umbrella brackets?

When I was asked if I’d like to review Godox’s Reemix RMII series, I had fairly low expectations. A swivel mount, telescopic aerial and umbrella holder might sound like gimmicks, but find myself liking it more and more.