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Aputure Amaran: Perfect LED Lighting Solution?

Aputure sent us some samples of their latest Amaran LED lamps to evaluate. The Amaran AL-198 is a battery-powered lamp with 198 LEDs and adjustable intensity. The AL-198A adds the ability to “zoom” or adjust the beam angle of the emitted light.

Ringlight mania for video

Eduardo Frances looks at some of the ring-shaped continuous lighting available to photographers and videographers in Europe.

Bounce Hybrid LED Panel for Speedlites

Dot Line Corp, an American company, have started selling an accessory called the DL-SL60 Bounce Hybrid Light Panel. So what actually is it? Well, something that’s quite wacky but at the same time rather clever.

Studio lighting is LED in a new direction

An emerging Chinese company, Mmbel, have unveiled a new format of flash units they describe as a “breakthough in digital studio lighting technology [that] will change photography forever!”

ProLite introduce 144VC and 312VC LED lamps

Polish seller Studyjne.com have introduced the ProLite LED-312VC and LED-144VC, two new continuous LED lamps with adjustable colour temperature from 3200K to 5600K.