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Pixel King i-TTL trigger for Nikon review

We try the Pixel King Wireless i-TTL radio trigger, using it with Nikon speedlights and with low-priced third party i-TTL flashes from China. Does it work?

Phottix reassure customers Odin for Nikon is on its way

Fear not – say Phottix’s marketeers – the Phottix Odin Wireless TTL Trigger is definitely coming, but they want the production model to be bug-free to save the need for repeated firmware updates.

Yongnuo YN467-II flashgun for Nikon

Looking for a budget external flashgun that you can control in both manual and TTL modes? Yongnuo, the Shenzhen-based photo accessory manufacturer, have updated their YN467 speedlight with a refreshed model, the YN467-II.

Remotely controlling your flashes

There are now a range of options from which to choose allowing you to remotely control the flash power, modelling lights and more on your speedlights or studio flash units. This article is an overview.

Lighting vapourware update

An update on the latest developments and releases from Aputure, Elemental, Godox, Phottix and Yongnuo.

Yongnuo YN-468 spotted by Speedlights.net

Speedlights.net has spotted a product listing on Yongnuo’s Hong Kong web site for an upcoming TTL speedlight with an LCD screen, called the YN-468.